Project 2 Application Support Center personnel

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Basic Application Support

Project 2 can also provide support to your remote fleet freeing up your IT department to focus on the core of the business.  Basic 8X5 application support is included in the annual fees for Atticus and ESES.  We also provide extended team application support (see below) that has brought many efficiencies and time savings to Regional Centers and, in particular, the Service Coordinators in the field. 

Extended Team Application Support

With our Extended Team Application Support, the goal is to set up the simplest and most efficient support system that the Regional Center system has seen and that starts with image!  To maintain cohesiveness with your Regional Center, we will always address ourselves as YOUR Regional Center Application Support Center over the phone or via email.  We have found that doing this has increased trust and transparency with our callers and has helped boost the image of support from the Regional Center with internal employees and vendors saying “Wow!  I love this level of support I’m being given.” It bolsters the IT Department’s support capabilities and they love it!

To further enhance your support, we also set up a local number in your demographic for your staff, vendors, and assessors (vendor and assessors support calls are based on the application you are working with) to call.  When a user calls the phone number they will be routed to a designated point-person on the Application Support Center and their call will be handled appropriately with professionalism and courtesy to get through the issue in a timely manner.  In some cases, it could be routed to your own Regional Center’s IT Team depending on the issue (billing questions, user setup, hardware, etc.).  We truly become an extension of your support team!

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