Since 2010, Project 2 has been bringing innovation to our clients in the high-tech and bio pharma industries.  In 2015 we began partnering with the California Department of Developmental Services Regional Centers and created Regional Center Connect. From then on, we’ve begun to see the world in a different light.  A world where compassion and caring are highly prized over profits and market share.

We love this vision and because of this Project 2 has turned its sights to the Regional Center system focusing on those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, where we have worked with the real stars supporting our communities such as Service and Intake Coordinators, Community Service Liaisons, and more!  Working with these fantastic teams we’ve understood the challenges of providing quality and compassionate services to consumers and clients along with the regulatory constraints by which they are governed.  Because of our work in the Regional Center space, we are proud to introduce that in 2022, Project 2 has created a technology company specifically for Regional Centers: Regional Center Connect!

Through thoughtful design and a lot of teamwork, we are proud of the work we’ve done with the Regional Centers and as a result, we’ve developed technology solutions we believe you’ll not only enjoy using but will put time back into your day where it’s needed the most: With your Consumers and Clients.