A Better Portal, Period.

RC|Connect Vendor Portal

Life is easier when all of your information is in one place. With the RC|Connect Vendor Portal the same is true. RC|Connect provides value when connected to our other applications such as the Early Start Evaluation Scheduler and our eBilling Support. It truly brings together tools for your Vendors under one roof and simplifies support, especially with our Application Support Center services.

Early Start Evaluation Scheduler (ESES): Assessors and Vendors access their Consumer meeting information from the RC|Connect Vendor Portal maintaining HIPAA compliance and making it easier to manage their workload.

eBilling: Vendors log into RC|Connect Vendor Portal to get their Authorizations and to communicate with the Application Support Center and Fiscal departments.

Consumer|Connect:  A new feature of RC|Connect that allows your Consumer to access their documents, message their Service Coordinator and manage other information!