A Better Way to Case Management

Atticus is a whole new way to get your caseloads managed and IPP’s finished without all the duplicate entry and errors.  If the goal is putting time back into your day and spending it where it matters most; your client and not at your desk doing paperwork, you’ll love Atticus.

Atticus was built around a strong team of Service Coordinators, Senior Service Coordinators, and Program Managers to bring an advanced combination of scheduling and mobile IPP forms creation and everything in between.  Using Project 2’s SANDIS|Sparq connector, handling your scheduling, IPP’s and accompanying forms has never been easier. Our Discovery process ensures that your best practices and procedures are maintained in your own version of Atticus and Atticus Mobile. So, no more one-size-fits-all situations, we make it yours!

Each instance of Atticus and Atticus Mobile is tailored for your environment. Design is simple, elegant and fast to navigate.

Atticus Scheduling Features:

  • Caseload Dashboard & Calendar:  Your One-Stop-Shop!
  • Your cases to be booked will appear on your Dashboard based on SANDIS details
  • Easily book your appointment using a familiar interface and get those appointments sent directly to your office calendar
  • See the appointments you have booked and where you are in the process with it
  • Notify Consumers and families of upcoming meetings as well as serve as a reminder system to gently notify them of an upcoming meeting 24 hours prior.
  • Monthly tracking report.
  • See Title 19 due dates

Atticus Program Manager Team View Dashboard

The Atticus Dashboard for Case Management staff is simple and easy to use.

We couldn’t build technology this awesome without an amazing group of real-world Service Coordinators!

Atticus Mobile Features – A Faster, Better way to get your IPP’s Done. Period.

  • Caseload Dashboard:  On the go!
  • Person-Centered
  • Photos and PCT design
  • UCI-driven, showing your caseload for all Clients and forms needed
  • Secure, on the go, and lightweight software that works on any computer or laptop.  Your IT department will love it
  • Templatized objectives
  • Full-text search

When in the field: The Atticus Mobile Dashboard

Picture of Atticus Finch standing in a courtroom from the movie "To Kill a Mockingbird" based on Harper Lee's book of the same title.

What is in a name? Everything. Our software, Atticus, was named after the great literary character Atticus Finch from ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’. The name was agreed upon with a group of Service Coordinators. Atticus Finch was ahead of his time and fought for equality and advocacy across the lines of the law. Atticus Finch is seen as a hero and in honoring his character, we dedicate this application to those heroes in the field of Case Management who continue to stand for equality and advocacy for those who do not have a voice.