Making Intake Easier

Intake|Engine is a culmination of years of experience working with those who serve individuals with intellectual and developmental disorders in both Intake and Case Management. Our system was designed by Intake and Service Coordinators and built on the latest technology platforms to ensure complete compliance with State and Federal regulations for patient and client confidentiality.

We work with your organization to maximize your time and ensure that everything from inquiry, intake and eligibility meets your deadlines. We know that you have a lot of moving parts and your processes are complex and that is why we developed Intake|Engine to handle your entire workflow from start to finish to better serve your population!

We manage everything from your Application and Inquiry process and its paperwork to the delegation of forms and signatures. No more expensive signatory authorities such as DocuSign, we have it all built into our portals. All of the critical components of the Intake and Eligibility process are built-in such as Scheduling, Document Management and Forms, Messaging and your Service Provider team! Intake|Engine is also a Person-Centered application, with plenty of room for adding information about your Client or Member including pictures!

Intake|Engine is full-featured and offers both of our Consumer|Connect and Provider|Connect portals. Consumer|Connect allows your Consumers, Clients, Members and their Caregivers to receive your Consent forms and other documents in your process. Your Consumers, Clients, Members and their Caregivers will receive text and email messages that they have documents waiting. They can fill out their documents and sign them online. In addition to this, they can also upload important documents requested by your organization such as birth records, medical records, etc. With our built-in messaging, you can always stay in touch with your Consumers, Clients, Members and Caregivers without sending emails or making phone calls! We made sure that our Consumer|Connect portal is simple and easy to use

Intake|Engine Early Start and Lanterman Features:

  • Your one-stop shop for scheduling! Schedule your appointments with Vendors, Assessors and Caregivers with a user-friendly interface.
  • Intake, Vendor\Assessors and Consumers\Caregivers receive calendar invitations to meetings that are easy to read and manage in your existing calendar app.
  • Secure, HIPAA compliant Portals: Imagine a user-friendly portal where Parents, Caregivers and Consumers can go to sign their required forms such as Consents and upload important documents like birth certificates and social security cards. Now imagine the same thing for those Vendors who are involved in assessments, uploading their psychosocial paperwork directly into your electronic portfolio. It’s that easy!
  • Integrated messaging with Vendors and Consumers\Caregivers, so you never need to leave the Intake|Engine app.
  • Automatically generated appointment letters ready to be mailed, emailed or texted.
  • Map routes with your smartphone to your next appointment and directly integrate Zoom, Teams or another remote meeting solution you have directly into your appointments.
  • Advanced reporting for Management and your Board.
  • Reduce typing and put time back in your day by adding your Consumers’ details directly into your appointment with a simple UCI entry.
  • Vendor management portal for Community Services, Resource Development and Compliance departments.
  • Leverage your SANDIS and other regulatory system data like never before using our SANDIS|Sparq solution.
  • Direct-To-Archive function. All of your documentation automatically goes straight into your Laserfiche, DocuStore, Documentum\OpenText, SharePoint or other archive solution you use.
  • And so many more features!

To take a closer look at Intake|Engine and its features, visit!