Power, Security and Scalability

There is a lot behind the P2 Cloud Solution icon. When you see it, that means that you’re organization’s applications are run on one of the most powerful, secure, and scalable private cloud solutions available. Working with Amazon and Microsoft, two of the leaders in Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services, we’ve developed a solution that keeps you running day in and day out.


Security through P2 Cloud starts with AWS core infrastructure. Custom-built for the cloud and designed to meet the most stringent security requirements in the world, our infrastructure is monitored 24/7 to help ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data. All data flowing across the AWS global network that interconnects our datacenters and Regions is automatically encrypted at the physical layer before it leaves our secured facilities. You can build on the most secure global infrastructure, knowing you always control your data, including the ability to encrypt it, move it, and manage retention at any time.


AWS delivers the highest network availability of any cloud provider, with 7x fewer downtime hours than the next largest cloud provider. Each region is fully isolated and comprised of multiple AZ’s, which are fully isolated partitions of our infrastructure. To better isolate any issues and achieve high availability, you can partition applications across multiple AZ’s in the same region. In addition, AWS control planes and the AWS management console are distributed across regions and include regional API endpoints, which are designed to operate securely for at least 24 hours if isolated from the global control plane functions without requiring customers to access the region or its API endpoints via external networks during any isolation.


The AWS Global Infrastructure is built for performance. AWS Regions offer low latency, low packet loss, and high overall network quality. This is achieved with a fully redundant 100 GbE fiber network backbone, often providing many terabits of capacity between Regions. AWS Local Zones and AWS Wavelength, with our telco providers, provide performance for applications that require single-digit millisecond latencies by delivering AWS infrastructure and services closer to end-users and 5G connected devices. Whatever your application needs, you can quickly spin up resources as you need them, deploying hundreds or even thousands of servers in minutes.


The AWS Global Infrastructure enables companies to be extremely flexible and take advantage of the conceptually infinite scalability of the cloud. Customers used to over-provision to ensure they had enough capacity to handle their business operations at the peak level of activity. Now, they can provision the amount of resources that they actually need, knowing they can instantly scale up or down along with the needs of their business, which also reduces cost and improves the customer’s ability to meet their user’s demands. Companies can quickly spin up resources as they need them, deploying hundreds or even thousands of servers in minutes.