We live in a world where custom software is expensive and the off-the-shelf software does not do exactly what you want it to. At Project 2 we believe that everyone should be able to have their own application with a high degree of customization at a great value. This is why every application that we develop or implement requires a Discovery to be performed. Note, this is no ordinary Discovery, it’s our proprietary P2|Discovery.  Our goal, quite simply, is to give you the best product at the best price that matches the performance and rigor of your organization.

This is a process in which we come in to better understand the business, the business requirements, and business processes in place.  During the Discovery phase, we work with stakeholders to visualize where they see their organization in 2, five, and ten years. Understanding the organizations’ needs upfront help save time and effort in the long term. Our philosophy is one size does not fit all.

During this process we look at these additional items in detail:

  • Collaboration Needs
  • Document Management
  • Auditing Requirements
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Business Intelligence Needs
  • Custom Application Needs
  • Support Requirements – SLA

The Project 2 Discovery process leaves no stone unturned to ensure your application is perfect!

Below are some of our core ideals for the Discovery process. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and ask questions. We’re always here to help!

The P2|Discovery Process

We ask that those being involved in the Discovery process have access to Project 2 personnel and vice versa.  There are many questions that arise from the Discovery process once the meetings have completed.  We also recommend that key business stakeholders be involved in the process.  We request this due to their strategic nature and their ability to evoke change in their departments.  This often helps drive adoption during project execution as well as garners participation during Discovery meetings.

Our Discovery process reveals more process-driven metrics to help your organization

Discovery Documentation Requirements

We request that Project 2 have access to all documentation and locations to documentation to be used in your initiative.  This allows us to peer into directories to view the status, format, and condition of the documents.  We also request that if there are any workflows in Visio or other applications that show the current business process, that they be made available as well.

Project 2 may request additional materials and personnel be present during the Discovery process as well.  We understand that this is an investment in the future of your organization and we understand that it requires the time of key personnel, so we will only request additional materials or personnel should it be of the utmost importance.

Once the Discovery is complete, a fully-documented presentation is made to stakeholders

Develop the Execution Plan and Present Findings to Management Team

Once the Discovery is completed and all information has been collected, a recommendation for moving forward will be developed.  This recommendation will also include all current processes in workflow form as well as any new processes developed for your project.  In addition to this, a security model and recommendation will be made.  The information will then be presented to the Management Team for input and direction.